The best cake pop scoop

Our favorite cookie scoop for cake pops

We have tested a lot of cake pop scoops over the years (well, cookie scoops for cake pops…) At one point we were on a mission to find one that we wouldn’t have to worry about making too small or too big of a cake pop.

We wanted perfectly sized and shaped pops and knew a good cookie scoop was essential for this.

In an effort to get everyone making the best cake pops possible (check out our step-by-step guide, by the way!), we wanted to share our find in case you were after something similar. So, here it is!

We have bought several of these and love how easy to use they are and that we get the perfect size cake pop each time.

Weighing out cake pop portions with a kitchen scale

Of course, there are other ways to get perfectly-sized cake pops rather than a scoop. In fact, before we found the best cookie scoop for cake pops, we would HAND WEIGH our cake pop balls. We like consistency and we didn’t want any of the cake pop balls to look much bigger or smaller than the others. We also didn’t have a cookie scoop that portioned out the ideal cake ball size.

So, we used a kitchen scale to keep things in check. After a bit of trial and error, we eventually settled on 24-25 grams as the ideal weight for a cake pop ball.

Using a kitchen scale for cake pops is pretty easy: just scoop an amount that looks close to the ideal size, weigh it and then add or remove cake pop dough where needed.

However, this is only a solution if you are making a dozen or so cake pops. With the volume on some of our orders, this kitchen scale method quickly became tedious and cumbersome. It was definitely not something we could continue as we grew.

A perfect cake pop scoop

To remedy this, we ordered several cookie scoops in all sizes and shapes from Amazon. We tested them all (it was a fun night!) and there was one clear winner.

Introducing the perfectly-sized cake pop scoop! It’s easy to use and results in the most perfectly-sized cake pop. We just flatten out the top when scooping to keep everything even. It definitely makes things go quicker and it’s a lot more fun!

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