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Two cake pops dipped in white chocolate and topped with rainbow sprinkles
Sprinkle cake pop with text "homemade funfetti cake pops" next to it

Our most-loved flavor by far! Yellow cake (with a few fun flavors!) and sprinkles fill the inside. The most perfect birthday cake pop ever.

"how to brown butter" text with colorful cake pops

A step-by-step guide on how to brown butter. We use brown butter in so many of our favoirte recipes. This guide shares the how-to and several ideas for where to use it.

Chocolate cake pop recipe cover

A recipe for our most decadent cake pop flavor! Dark chocolate cake and dark chocolate icing are a chocolate-lovers dream come true.

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Step-by-Step Baking Guide

Ten steps to the perfect cake pop!

We are so excited to share all of our cake pop tips and tricks with you. Our guide to making cake pops includes everything from the best type of cake to use to how to get a perfect sheen on your chocolate each time. Happy making!

Other recipes we love

Cake pops aren’t the only baked goods we love! We have several other top-notch recipes, including the best chocolate chip cookies and our favorite rice krispy treats.

Stack of chocolate chip cookies next to text "the perfect chocolate chip cookie"