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About Us

Photo of HippoPops owners Alex and Bess holding HippoPops sign

Meet BEss and Alex!

Hi there! We’re Bess and Alex—the happi couple behind HippoPops. Or, as Happi would insist, “They’re the nice grownups who make everything delicious!” {insert adoring pat on large, purple head here…}

How did it all begin? In our little home kitchen—by an engineer who craves exact measurements (Alex can just barely stand odd numbers) and a marketer with a penchant for baking (she’ll have dessert for dinner thankyouverymuch) who both love all things sweet and sprinkled with goodness.  

Through lots of batches, lots of laughter, and with a hippo always happi to taste-test, we confected the perfect cake pop. Baked as a special way to say, “Thank you! We heart you!” to family, friends and neighbors, our cake pops became so popular we couldn’t keep up with the requests and, well, we needed a bigger oven! Today, HippoPops are still a special way to share love, joy, and delicious kindness. And if we made you smile, you made us happi.

Photo of HippoPops mascot Happi the purple hippo

Meet Happi tHe Purple Hippo!

yay! oh happi day ~ i finally get to meet my new friends ~ 

hello inter nets! my name is happi and i love all things sweet {like HippoPops!}

i love birthday parties {because I'm so happy you were born!} 

i love having fun {eating cake pops is fun!}

i love you {you make me happi!}

okay bye bye now ~ nap nap ~

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